Race Day Schedule

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Sign up Times

Night Before 3:00pm-5:00pm
Race Day 7:30am

Classes & Race Times:

Kids Race: 8:15am ($25) / Race length 30 min

  • Ages 8 & Under
  • 9-12 (no 85’s)
  • Girls Beginner (14 & Under)

Short Course 1: 9:15am ($50) / Race Length Approx 60 min + 1 LapĀ 

  • Open C
  • 250 C (Up to 250cc)
  • Ladies Am (29 & Under)
  • Womens Am (30+)
  • Masters
  • 15 & Under
  • 85/105cc

Short Course 2: 11:15am ($50) Race Length Approx 60 minutes +1 LapĀ 

  • Sportsman Expert
  • Super Senior A (50+)
  • Super Senior B (50+)
  • Senior B (40+)
  • Senior C (40+)
  • Vet C (30+)

Long Course: 1:15pm ($50) (AA/Womens Expert $60)/ Team Race ($25 ea) Big Bikes Only Race length 2 hrs + 1 lap

  • AA
  • 35+AA (100% Payback)
  • 250 A (Up to 250cc)
  • Open A
  • Vet A (30+)
  • Senior A (40+)
  • Open B
  • 250 B (Up to 250cc)
  • Vet B (30+)
  • Womens Ex (100% Payback)
  • Team (2 riders) Full Size Bikes Only


6 of the 7 races count towards series points with one “throw out” (lowest score of your 7 rounds).

If you win your class (except AA and Kids Classes Team), you race the next year free at Team Tortoise events.

11 thoughts on “Race Day Schedule”

  1. So, no preregistering? Only signups at the race the night before and morning of? Can we reserve a camping spot?

    1. Sorry no pre registration online. There are no designated camping spots and are first come first serve. Hannegan wil be tight and they have a Thursday Night motocross race so you can get in then to be early.

  2. How much is admission for spectaters? march 22nd tortoise norcs races? & what time do gates open, is thier consesion stands or do you bring your own water & snacks? Only asking cause I have never been thier & I plan on going to this race & do I need to bring a lawn chair ?

    1. Brenda,

      Admission time and amount is dependent on the track owners if you go to http://hornrapidsmx.com/ you will find all the fees for that facility. I always recommend brining water and food but usually there is a concession vendor there. There are some small bleachers but a lawn chair may be a good idea.

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