NORCS Competition Rules Now Available!

Breaking News (7.26.17):

Unfortunately due to the extremely dry conditions, our Washougal event on August 13th is cancelled due to the lack of ability to manage the dust which is a major parameter of the conditional permit to
operate. Team Tortoise would never want to jeopardize the facilities operation and we understand it would be impossible to control
conditions on a 7 mile course. Ryan Huffman (Washougal) felt
horrible telling me their position, but we don’t hold them at fault in any way.

We were hoping to be able to announce an updated date and location to the series, but we are still working on it at this point. Officially, we are looking forward to our race on Saturday Sept 23rd at Riverdale.

Please save the date of Saturday, October 7th, location TBD, as our
final race this season. We are 90% sure it will be Washougal with
series awards to follow, but we are still working it out.

Please stay tuned, and we apologize for any inconvenience.


Click here to take a look at the NORCS Competition Rules, available  as a PDF.

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2017 Schedule Is Here!

Check out the 2017 schedule:

2017 NORCS Big Poster-1

Click here for a PDF version of the 2017 NORCS  Poster



  • bryce

    Hi, I’m new to racing and i ride a 250 at age 13 so what class would I be in??

    • Megan Rasmussen

      Hi Bryce. You can ride the 15 and under class or depending on your 250 bike, if it’s a 250 2-stroke you can ride the Open C class and if it’s a 4-stroke then 200C. We look forward to seeing you at the races!


    when are May 2016 result going to be available online

    • Alanté Fields

      Hi there,
      Round 1 results are up on the Results page. Series points coming soon.




        when is race 5 results going to posted

  • E

    Is there away of seeing our lap times? Like the sheets you post after the race.

  • Eric Warnat

    Awesome event last week! Just checking to see when the pictures will be posted for “The Outlaw”? Thanks for always putting on great events!

  • Don Toussaint

    Thank you team tortoise for putting on these races, we enjoy coming to Washington. I`ll be back next year, just wished your races were all on saturdays.

  • DB077

    I hope you guys take over the NMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott Miller

    I wasn’t able to hang around for the results of round 5 at riverdale, where can I view the results for the open A class?

  • Rory Kelly

    I am wondering if you do sxs races

  • Chelsie Schultz

    Hoping you will have some races on Saturday for 2017…

  • Tim Todd

    awesome 2016 cant wait to see the 2017 schedule

  • Sean Wagers

    Cannot wait for the 2018 Schedule.

    • Mike Ford

      It’s out, March 11 HR

      • Hunter Langemo

        Where did you find this?