• bryce

    Hi, I’m new to racing and i ride a 250 at age 13 so what class would I be in??

    • Megan Rasmussen

      Hi Bryce. You can ride the 15 and under class or depending on your 250 bike, if it’s a 250 2-stroke you can ride the Open C class and if it’s a 4-stroke then 200C. We look forward to seeing you at the races!

  • kmegargle@comcast.net

    when are May 2016 result going to be available online

    • Alanté Fields

      Hi there,
      Round 1 results are up on the Results page. Series points coming soon. http://www.teamtortoiseracing.com/results/

      • kmegargle@comcast.net


      • kmegargle@comcast.net

        when is race 5 results going to posted

  • E

    Is there away of seeing our lap times? Like the sheets you post after the race.

  • Eric Warnat

    Awesome event last week! Just checking to see when the pictures will be posted for “The Outlaw”? Thanks for always putting on great events!

  • Don Toussaint

    Thank you team tortoise for putting on these races, we enjoy coming to Washington. I`ll be back next year, just wished your races were all on saturdays.

  • DB077

    I hope you guys take over the NMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott Miller

    I wasn’t able to hang around for the results of round 5 at riverdale, where can I view the results for the open A class?

  • Rory Kelly

    I am wondering if you do sxs races

  • Chelsie Schultz

    Hoping you will have some races on Saturday for 2017…

  • Tim Todd

    awesome 2016 cant wait to see the 2017 schedule

  • Sean Wagers

    Cannot wait for the 2018 Schedule.

    • Mike Ford

      It’s out, March 11 HR

      • Hunter Langemo

        Where did you find this?

      • Mike Ford

        Their FB page

  • Jason MacPhee

    Just wondering when to expect 2018 Rd 1 results posted, we had to leave quickly and didn’t see results at the race. thanks in advance.

    • William M Johnson

      We’re looking for open a results if anyone has them

  • Mike Ford

    Hey guys great event down in Washougal made the drive from north of the border fantastic.
    I was wondering how long does it take to get the points up in between rounds? I know everyone has a life and I really do apreaciate all you do! see you at my home track Hannegen next month